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Where You’re At Right Now

Where You’re At Right Now Pull up a chair and listen! By the time you finish listening to this short audio, you’ll learn that where you are right now, is exactly where you can begin to live your life by design. Want Proof? Check it out right here! __________________________________________________ Matthew & Christine Kominiak, Co-founders…

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Home Business 2011

What will be the best 2011 home business for you? As December ticks away, the office parties and gathering with friends and family will be on everyone’s mind. The thought of business or starting a home business is generally the last thing most people are thinking about during the holidays. But should it be? January…

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Line In The Sand

Imagine picking up your child, looking into their eyes and realizing they don’t know who you are. As tragic as this sounds, it’s a true story of one of my good friends and mentors, and it was his line in the sand moment. He chose not to be a victim; not to blame it on…

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How The “Dumbo Effect” Kills Entrepreneurs

Let me tell you about the elephant man. No… not from the movie. The OTHER elephant man. Basically, there was this guy who really wanted to be a home based entrepreneur.  He had a family he never saw due to slaving away at his 9-5 job each day.  He commuted 2 hours to and from…

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Whether you’re a Tony Robbins fan or not, as you absorb this information you will gain some VERY intelligent insight on the state of our economy. You probably already know that Tony is connected to some of the brightest minds in the world. Not many people have the type of connections he does and he…

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