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“Life Is A Performance; Not A Rehearsal”

It is estimated that 70,000 people will start a home business today, and 56,000 or 80% those people will be out of business tomorrow. Of the remaining 11,000 only about 1,900 will achieve their business goals. So of the original 70,000 startups, only about 3 percent will be able to take it to the next level. I realize those numbers are disappointing, but those are the facts. If starting a business were easy, we would all be business owners. Now don’t think that the 80% didn’t have the dreams, goals, or a desire to be successful, but something was holding them back.

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The Future Of Internet Sales Is Promising…But How Is Your Future Looking?

There is no question that internet sales have continued to rise as more and more people turn to the internet for their shopping. By the year, 2010 sales are expected to rise 20 percent. It’s much easier to take a quick commute to your computer, surf the net for a short while, and purchase what you are looking for than it is to go out to a store for the same thing. Because of this, the future of ecommerce sales is looking bright.

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So you think you’re going to start a business and make a six figure income?

Good…you’re supposed to think like that! Mindset is one of your keys to success, but starting a business as you know takes planning. (A little luck never hurts either.)   In my years of working with people, I’ve seen many of them jump right into the deep end of the pool without their floaties and…

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Time Management = Rational Use of Time

When was the last time you heard someone (or perhaps yourself) say, “I just don’t have enough time!” or “I have too much on my plate.” If you haven’t heard it lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen it in one way or another. Think about the people you see rushing in their cars to or from work. How about at the occasional frantic shopper at the grocery store, the toe-tapping customer filling their gas at the gas station, or even the parent that appears to be in complete chaos at little league games?

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Consistent Effort

Five days a week, my wife and I start our day by going to the gym. The 630 AM departure always gives us an awesome view of the sun rise and really makes me thankful for my lifestyle.

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